This collection is a space area of ​​500, 24 square meters of martyr Chamran highway in northern Tehran International Permanent Fairground opposite to be allocated. Guests arriving from one of the two corridors to the east and west side of the building are the conference center.

East Room door leads directly to the main floor auditorium, while the western corridor upstairs halls and courtyard of the second floor of the main hall is directed. The main hall has a position and a width of over 54 meters in 1800.

The pavilion also surrounded by eight meeting rooms and two large rooms, two multi-purpose hall, chapel and Vzvkhanh, two lounges and four small conference hall of the conference center to form.

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Capacity in the main hall: 1,800

Capacity of the two conference rooms of 300 square meters: 500

Capacity U-shaped 300 square meters in two halls: 360 people

Article lounge facilities

Simultaneous translation system

Accommodation Representatives

Interpreting systems

Language channel selection

Loud Speakers

High-speed camera system

Big three cameras

View sub-halls

Two conference rooms of 300 square meters, and the ability to hold small meetings with a capacity of 500 people when combined with simultaneous translation system or wireless microphones is capable of.




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