The main hall with a capacity of 1060 seats

Number halls (2 and 3) each with a capacity of 300 seats

Four halls on the second floor floating center with a capacity of between 30 and 100 seats that are appropriate workshops.

PC equipped with 12 computers and a training hall with a capacity of maximum 20 people

VIP lounge located on the second floor with a maximum of 30 seats reception for invitees and special guests

In addition to the facilities at the center, language lab and exhibition spaces (the area of ​​at least 450 and up to 946 square meters) as well as parts for use in the reception located on the second floor. Features audiovisual center includes voice, video, playback images using a slide projector - overhead - Vydyvaymyjr and advanced computer equipment.

The hall has a capacity of 250 car parking and banquet hall has a capacity of about 1,200 people is also.

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