Hall of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh):

This hall has an area of ​​500 square meters, with a capacity of 330 people on a constant basis and up to 400 people, a sound system with 3 plasma display (103 and 65 inches), projectors, screens animated display and control room equipped. As well as the possibility of establishing a computer network and use wireless Internet in the room of options. Hall of Holy Prophet (PBUH) by having the appropriate scene provides various user functions. Execution of any live music and show business is among them. The possibility of establishing the applicant's simultaneous translation with the required number of channels. General lighting can be adjusted hall and the possibility of professional lighting with special effects as well. Ferdowsi Hall, the hall has an area of ​​500 square meters and with a capacity of 400 people, an auditorium flat and versatile and have the playback equipment in the booth, video projectors, 2 screens animated show and the Internet without wires, ready to hold various exhibitions, meetings and its meetings.

Hall Khayyam:

The main entrance is located on the left side advisor, qualified and experienced to be operated by the cabin crew. The Forum also has an industrial kitchen, which is equipped with good equipment it has increased the quality of cooking foods. Lar

Hall Aboureihan:

Rayhan hall with a capacity of approximately 100 people and features such as wireless broadband Internet, is designed for multi-purpose use. The hall is also suitable space for guests.

Hall thought:

is .

Hall spoke:

With its special design for diplomatic meetings and specialized anticipated. Hall capacity is 50 people and feature wireless internet access and video conferencing systems as well. Forum Special Meeting of the Forum Hirsa news, educational and diplomatic. 20-person conference table, smart boards, wireless high speed Internet access, including access control system with fingerprint features of the hall. As well as meeting members of the service have the clerk's office.

Hall Ibn Sina:

Ibn Sina Hall with 100 square meters, for different use, especially educational seminars, workshops and holding the Gallery is designed. Wireless high-speed Internet, video projector and screen animated features such as Avicenna Hall.


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