IRIB International Conference Center
It's a remarkable area overlooking the highway with parking facilities and quick access to multiple communication paths are located.

Sound and Vision Forum: Forum Khajeh Nasir
Khajeh Nasir Hall facilities include:
The total number of seats, including 188 seats to 665 the number of Members and with microphone Conference, consultants 146 seats in the 309-seat balcony of 9 seats for officials, members of the Presidium 9 seat up to 13 seats, all equipped with the phone to hear the translation of are.
The possibility of simultaneous translation to 6 languages ​​and the ability to increase up to 12 languages.
Seat phone to hear translations
System board conference for 197 people
Possibility of papers behind a desk and description Tribune and the use of wireless microphones in all parts of the hall
5 for imaging the inside of the hall is equipped with professional camera with remote control and guidance system as well as through planning and control through a joystick by the director through the control room
Equipped with image playback device types including 16 and 35-mm film projector, video and slide Prvzhvktvr Prvzhvktvr and Overhead scanner (especially photographs, posters, t-Prince) with DVD and VCD system
Capable of recording video, Betacam system within the Forum and the ability to play a variety of professional video tapes, Betacam, Yvmatyk, SVHS and VHS, DVD and VCD
Prvzhvktvr ability to view computer programs via video.
Special place for musical performances, theater and all the drama with the possibility of using the most advanced and most professional audio facilities with special lighting
Site-specific, journalists
12 screws picture
Public light adjustable professional lighting with special effects
Straht Braya VIP status and meet with officials before the opening of conferences and meetings
Uninterrupted Power Supply
The possibility of direct communication through radio and television broadcasting system to send and receive Fiberoptic with Nvadal straight conference program
Live broadcast on the Internet and the network-enabled Internet sites



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