Always powerful when it comes to luxury cars and the Mercedes-Benz there is certainly room for the German star. The company has always been committed to the production of durable and designed with the variety and quality is exemplary. Among these products Mercedes-Benz E-Class is one of the best-selling classes during the six decades of its own. This series due to a very high durability after long operations always have many fans. The new generation E-Class is Mercedes-Benz has introduced the E350 and thanks to the cooperation of a friend we decided to have a meeting short with this beautiful Stuttgart.

After opening the company logo is seen on a first-Benz AMG side skirts and the floors are now. After entering the room with a completely new space was designed and built by the French company Faurecia is well face it. This model is sportier seats and better than the previous series in their own body to sudden maneuvers are not to balance the body. The rear seats have good leg space and comfort for different people.

Finally, sit behind the wheel of the car and start the engine with 307-hp 3.5-liter 6 Sylndrayn cars (according to the owner) will clear. With the arrival of the street car rear-view mirrors are seeing new system. but the difference between this generation S-class generation is very obvious.

At the end of the family rather than to "favor" and especially Mr. "Shahin favor" for coordination and cooperation in preparing this report, we thank you.

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