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(Commercial Important Person)


today's world of rapid, efficient use of time first to speak his peace. Travel agents can reduce the difficulties and concerns Weber enhance its pleasure

provides waste of time and energy to perform conventional Tabjay Vtrafyk airports, the position entrusted to experienced staff Vhmrahanshan himself to relax, entertain and using other internet services Nzyrdstrsy ceremonial welfare, study booklets tourist island and to pay various newspapers and magazines. In this position the island as well as information services, car rental with driver just without the driver, escort services Volvox symbolic ritual by cars that have the necessary equipment are also provided.

CIP processes as services for passengers input and output are as follows:

1) Move to the location of the aircraft stairs Vblks killed by vehicles

2) obtaining a boarding card traffic management, including proper seat allocation delivering luggage guest

3) During a stop at the position of the ordinary and special reception guidance Azmyhman

4) carries out inspections based airport by a private gate position

5) Move the door to the place of residence of the guest Vblks by cars procedural formalities (on request)


Regester Cip

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